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— I am really enjoying working with Edwin. He is very patient and methodical and keeps me on task while providing some education to me along the way that is really necessary for me to understand the importance of website presence. Good suggestions and has provided links to help me to easily and quickly get to other sites and content I need to consider. Looking forward to working with him in the future!
Jeannie M.
— I had to go through multiple different web designers (solo & companies) before I found Edwin and his staff. They do *FLAWLESS* work. His schedule would've been right on time if it wasn't me holding things up periodically. If you want a professionally displayed website with insight as to what does and what doesn't work - along with how to best display it - Edwin is your guy. I’m extremely glad I came across Power Of Design! Thanks!!
Davide P.
— Edwin has been a great help to me over the years. I continue to hire his services based on consistent high-quality work and broad expertise. He adapts quickly and works well with various internal teams, from marketing to design and engineering. I always feel relieved when I have Power Of Design on a project!
jenny m.
Why should you choose us...?
Here at Power Of Design we offer the best service and the best value on any website needs. We offer Four kinds of deals for our website services Presentation or Brochure Websites, Basic Websites, Corporate Website and Online Stores.

Web design is our specialty! We take pride in our work, so when we build your site it has to not only meet your needs, but also our own high quality standards.

If you're looking to simply put yourself up there, we can build you a professional, yet simple and informative 'brochure' type site. However, if you're looking to make your website a main part of your business, we will build you a complete website and add Search Engine Optimization to help you bring in traffic and convert them to sales.
Website Packages:

Brochure Websites:
If you are a new company that just open their doors to the public, this is the best choice for you, this website packages will help you show your customers your portfolio for example you past jobs, products or services.

Basic Websites:
If you are a small business owner looking to get started with your first simple website Basic Web Design Package may be the suitable choice for you. Our basic web design packages are cost-effective and extremely efficient.

Corporate Websites:
If you are a business that has work for many years and you are trying to expand on your field, looking for a more precise tool that will keep up with all your advertisement needs, this is the best option because with this package you will be able to advertise all of your products or services in a more efficient way.

Online Store ( E-Commerce ):
Are you looking to sell online and not have to pay those expensive payments on rent and bills for a commercial store...? Online Store or E-Commerce store is the answer for you, we don't just offer a store online but we also teach you how to use the system to get more customers and more sales. So give us a call today and let us help you make all of those customers in to profits for your business.
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